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Glenn Bowman

Owner, Vermont Soapstone

Our guarantee is set in stone. Forever.

We have no problem promising that, having a century and a half of experience working with soapstone. We’ll make good on any material and/or workmanship defect in our soapstone for as long as you own it. Period.


  1. We will either repair or replace defective soapstone at our discretion, we may ask for your assistance in affecting a repair.
  2. All claims are limited to the amount paid to us in the original transaction.
  3. We can not be responsible for issues caused by natural changes in the supporting structure of the soapstone.
  4. Slabs and tiles are sold as is.

For more information on the Vermont Soapstone “Forever Guarantee”, please call us at 1-802-263-5404.

Glenn Bowman, Owner, Vermont Soapstone

Glenn Bowman, Owner, Vermont Soapstone

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