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Glenn Bowman

Owner, Vermont Soapstone

Our Soapstone Products

Vermont Soapstone’s first soapstone products, way back in 1856, were relatively simple soapstone bed warmers. During the cold New England winters, hearty Vermonters would hang the soapstone bed warmers next to the fire during the day, then use the soapstone’s remarkable heat-retention characteristics to keep them warm in bed all night.

While we still manufacture those original soapstone bedwarmers today, VT Soapstone’s product offerings have matured to provide you with highly durable, luxurous soapstone fixtures for everyroom in the house as well as outdoor fixtures such as planters, back yard grill surrounds, walkway pavers, etc.

Vermont Soapstone lists a handful of standard “off the shelf” products, but we pride ourselves on our ability to work with the homeowner, architect and contractor to create one-of-a-kind custom soapstone pieces.

Following is a partial list of our most common soapstone products:

our-soapstone-products soapstone-bedwarmers

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