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Glenn Bowman

Owner, Vermont Soapstone

Your Soapstone Project

Thank you for your interest in soapstone and the Vermont Soapstone Company.

We have been solely working with soapstone for the past 150 years and we are here to help you make your project uniquely yours.

As you have found, soapstone is different from other materials and as your project progresses we need you to be aware of some of them relating to slab size and how we choose to lay out your project.

The nature of soapstone is small deposits and quarries and block that yield small, varied sized slabs.  Because of the varied size slabs and the requirements of each project we need to match slabs to your layout.  We will review your project and list required slabs, at any time there can be dozens of slab sizes available and every effort is made to complete your project in a cost effective way.

For the safety of yourself and our employees we make Mondays available to pick slabs, if you would like.  Tuesday-Friday (and 1st & 3rd Saturdays, 9am – noon) we are happy to show you our inventory of slabs, their consistent color and the possibilities to create a unique project for you; we will make notes on your preferences and use these notes to fabricate/install your project.

Crafted right…here in Vermont.


Contact us about your next soapstone project, to receive a brochure, or to request an estimate.

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