Installation Advice

We’re always happy to advise your local contractor about installation specific to soapstone.

Installation by your contractor

With no investment in special tooling, we guarantee that any experienced contractor can easily perform soapstone installation. Plus, we are available to consult with your contractor every step of the way.

We make the following recommendations for the installation and maintenance of soapstone material:

  • Cutting: Masonry blade in skill-saw or table-saw. 8-10 TPI blade in jigsaw. Total support of work and cut-off.
  • Drilling: Metal speed bit or hole saw.
  • Shaping: Wood rasp or carbide router bit.
  • Setting:
    • Counter/Vanity Tops – Set tops and backsplash with panel adhesive (we like Phenoseal), seal joints with two-part translucent epoxy (for stone, glass or metal).
    • Finishing: 40 Grit sanding belt to match slab, 80 Grit to finish before oiling counters.
    • Masonry: Thin set mortar (Silpro Masco) with a bonding agent (Silpro C-21).
    • Sinks: All soapstone sinks must be built at our mill in advance of installation. Bench test after uncrating. Install with support from bottom. All sinks manufactured for I.S.E. disposal (Ace, Sears, Kitchen Aid) or Chicago Specialty’s Spin and Lock Basket (Ace).
    • Tile: Set with thin set mortar with bonding agent or with tile adhesive. Grout to match or contrast.

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